Cable Machine Squats | Effective Cable Squats at Home

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Cable Squats Fitness Ankle Strap for Kickbacks

  • TONE AND TIGHTEN LOWER BODY MUSCLES: Kickback ankle straps help you target calf, lower leg, lower body, and even glute muscles to help tone, strengthen, and tighten muscle groups to create a leaner, stronger body.
  • MULTIPURPOSE GYM EXERCISE ROUTINES – Gym ankle straps can be used with most standard cable systems, functional and resistance trainers, and similar equipment for leg extension, leg curls, hip abductors, and glute workouts.
  • STRONG, STABLE RESILIENCE: We use a sweat-resistant, breathable neoprene ankle cuff that’s easier on your body, reinforced steel double D ring, and double stitching to ensure long-lasting equipment strength and wide fastening comfort.
  • CLASSIC COLORS AND PATTERNS: These ankle straps for men and women also come in both singles or pairs as well as a variety of fun colors you’ll love including American pride, black, pink, red, magenta, grey camo, blue, and cyan.
  • GENUINE LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Here at DMoose we believe in creating durable, long-lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement guarantee.

Product Description of Cable Machine Squats

Cable Squats
Cable Squats
  • 🍑 A BARBELL PAD FOR GIRLS WITH STYLE – Tired of weight lifting equipment that was clearly designed for males? The Perfect Peach Squat Bar Pad was made for you! Bodybuilding isn’t just for the boys anymore. Women are taking over, and we were sick and tired of seeing fitness products everywhere that lacked style and femininity. Perfect Peach Premium Comfort Squat and Lunge Pad are made for girls who lift, by girls who lift!
  • 🍑 SCULPT AND TONE WITH ULTIMATE COMFORT – The Perfect Peach barbell neck pad is constructed using soft, thick, and protective foam that makes booty-training much easier and more comfortable than ever before! You’ll no longer have to worry about adding weight to the barbell with fear that the weight will cause pain or hurt your hips or neck. You can finally train comfortably and make super-fast progress; which means super-fast gains!
  • 🍑 HAVE THE LEAN BEACH BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF – Leg day will never be the same. Make this year the year you take back your body, achieve your fitness goals, and look great doing it!
  • 🍑 WORKS FOR ANY EXERCISE – Barbell squats, hip thrusters, lunges; the Perfect Peach Athletics Comfort Extra Thick cable Squats Bar Pad works for all your favorite glute and leg training exercises! Tired of the heavyweight barbell on the smith-machine digging into your neck? This soft foam pad support is the answer!
  • 🍑 PROFESSIONAL DESIGN, PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION – Finally a squat sponge neck pad that is worth paying for! With our ergonomic, high-density, and anti-slip design, you can finally feel like your money was well-spent. Easily applied to any Olympic-style barbell (99% of gym barbells are Olympic-style, so this pad fits everything!), and even easier to remove when you want to. It is even small and compact enough to fit in your gym bag; so you can take it with you every time you train!
cable machine squats
cable machine squats

Product Description of Cable Squats


Are cable squats effective?

Increases Your Gym Results
Most girls limit their squat and hip thrust ability because of the pain a barbell can cause.
Now you can add weight to your lifts without fear of discomfort. Just imagine the kind of booty gains you’ll have.

What muscles do cable Machine squats work?

pulley squat

Improved Hook and Loop System
The premium-grade, double-stitched nylon is stronger for heavy pulls and the hook and loop closure keeps it from coming undone or slipping off in the middle of a pull. It also distributes weight more evenly to keep it from digging in to your ankle.

Can Squats make your butt bigger?

squat machine with cable

Proper Form and Leverage
The smart-fit ankle strap design stays in place once secured to keep it from rubbing or chaffing skin and to give you more control over your leg raises, leg lifts, kick outs, hip abductors, and general body sculpting.

How do you do a pulley squat?

Proper Form and Leverage
The smart-fit ankle strap design stays in place once secured to keep it from rubbing or chaffing skin and to give you more control over your leg raises, leg lifts, kick outs, hip abductors, and general body sculpting.

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